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It is estimated that everyone in twenty-six people in the US will develop epilepsy in their lifetime. It can either develop during childhood, and it can even surface in retired adults. That is why it is so important for people to be educated about Epilepsy and its related treatment. 

What is Epilepsy?

Usually, Epilepsy is triggered when there is an abnormal change in the brain’s electrical activity, which leads to a seizure. Our brains have nerves that transmit minute electrical impulses in a specific pattern. A person who has epilepsy has sudden bursts of uncontrolled electrical impulses, resulting in brief episodes of sensations and various effects on their consciousness and movement. Any interference that causes a change to the brain’s normal electrical rhythm can lead to these episodes. 

Symptoms Brought On By Epilepsy

Usually, the symptoms you end up experiencing are determined by how major the seizure is or its magnitude. There are multiple seizure types and classifications. The two main categories of seizures include generalized seizures and focal seizures.  Seizures can also be both clinical, where they can be visually appreciated or can be sub-clinical causing mainly changes in mental status. 

Generalized onset seizures

The seizures will start with lots of electrical activity on both sides of the brain and at the same time. Now there are several types of sub-seizures within this category, including: 

  • Absence – Usually, this is a lapse in awareness. It would appear as though the person is staring, or there will be very subtle eye blinking. The seizure will last a few seconds, and many may mistake it for daydreaming when in fact, it is a seizure. 
  • Tonic-Clonic – The muscles will stiffen when it happens, and the victim will lose consciousness. The legs and arms will jerk rhythmically. Tonic-Clonic seizures last only a few minutes. 
  • Atonic – Victims will usually lose all muscular tone, with the affected areas going limp. If the person is standing, they will most likely fall. However, the seizure lasts only a few seconds, usually up to 15 seconds. 

The Focal Onset Seizures

The seizures are limited to a region of the brain. When a patient experiences this type of seizure, they will usually be awake or have impaired awareness. The victim will usually be alert and be able to recall what happened during the seizure. However, they may be unable to respond. The seizures last for up to two minutes. The victim may also have various involuntary movements like picking at their clothing or moving their mouth. Other patients may just freeze. In rare instances, the person experiencing the seizure will laugh, or they may cry. They might also do something embarrassing or dangerous, like taking off their clothes. 

Epilepsy Treatment?

People suffering from epilepsy may notice that there is a specific trigger or pattern. For instance, it might be triggered at a specific time of the day by flashing lights or stress. Most doctors will work with the patient to create ways around those triggers to ensure that they remain safe. Many doctors will prescribe anti-epileptic medications, which are meant to lower the frequency and intensity of the seizures. Doctors may also recommend certain therapies like a ketogenic diet or neurostimulation devices in cases of drug-resistant epilepsy.   Other treatment modalities for Seizures/Epilepsy include emerging laser ablation therapy, and in some cases surgical respective procedures if the patient is deemed to be a candidate for such treatments. Visit our neurology clinic in Murphy, Tx today!

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Rose Lotus
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I felt lucky to have find Dr. Alshareef while browsing for a Neurologist doctor. Julia at the front desk is very nice and helpful. His office is warm, welcoming and very relaxing. Finding a doctor who cares and understands patients, is hard and time consuming. I hope to share my thought here, so others get to know what a great Doctor he is!
Javier M. Jaar
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I was seen by Dr. Alshareef on a Teleneurology camera, his office staff helped me install the phone program in a few easy steps. It was a very organized visit in how he went through my medical problems one by one, and planned to meet monthly. He was so amazingly informative and help full. Thank you for all you did to help me.
Fernando Cruz
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I’m glad to have found this place. Dr. Alshareef has been so helpful towards my sisters recovery. It’s a blessing to have the support and care they offer here. Our family couldn’t be more thankful for all their hard work. Thank you everyone at Superior Neurology!
Roxanne Garcia
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Excellent services!! Dr. Alshareef is caring and helpful. He will provide the treatment you need and go out of he’s way to make sure you are in good health. Superior Neurology is the place to go for neurological treatment!
Colin Robinson
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An excellent center that genuinely cares about their patients. He made my dad feel comfortable after his stroke, and took out the time to make sure he understood the total impact and affect on his life, as well as how to compensate for it.
Kristina Owens
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Dr. Alshareef and his staff are wonderful, professional people who go above and beyond for their patients. He is genuinely concerned with and takes his time with his patients. I would recommend him to anyone searching for a caring and dedicated physician.
Moez Alnazeer
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My niece suffered from seizure spells for a long time & she has been prescribed several seizure medications by many doctors but continued to have seizures despite everything. We almost lost hope until a friend of us referred us to Dr. Alshareef! Going there was the best decision we made. He was extremely kind and attentive. He spent a lot of time listening to us & trying to understand our problem. He stopped the old medications she was taking & started her on a new regimen & since then she had no seizures! & it’s her first 6 months without an episode. We are so grateful. God bless you!
Sagal Dalmar
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Dr. Alshareef and his staff were wonderful! Great attention to detail. I felt that they went above and beyond to help me with my needs. Dr. Alshareef explained everything for me in a way that I(non-medical professional) could understand. I highly recommend him to everyone.
Rebecca Paddock
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Dr. Al-Shareef is a fabulous neurologist and an even better human being. He takes the time to listen to the patient (and her daughter!). He looks at the whole person and tailors care based on their specific circumstances. He’s reliable, dependable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, he says it like it is. As a result of Dr Al-Shareef’s insight, my mother is off a bunch of medicines, safer (reduced balance issues means less falling), doing more, and happier. If I could rate him higher than 5 stars, I would.
Mohammed alaa Aljammal
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This is truly a SUPERIOR NEUROLOGY clinic! very clean and comforting environment, staff was very warm and welcoming, Dr. Alshareef is very solid, helpful, and went above and beyond expectations, and most importantly, my headache is finally much better. Absolutely recommend to anyone needing an exceptional neurologist !

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